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We have partnerships and relationships with a number of high profile brands in the automation industry. While we have these relationships we are most definitely an independent family owned business and always choose the correct path for a customer, regardless of brand. That said, in order to provide the best levels of support we also have these relationships to ensure that we have a solid product jigsaw that gives us access to a range of equipment with inside knowledge and our expressed interest in their product lifecycles and progression paths. In our motion control, automation, control engineering and innovative development work absolute care is taken to ensure that the equipment has the longest lifespan and comes from a reputable name that we can trust to provide their components to our customers.

ABB - AVP Channel Partner: Drives

ABB classify us as an AVP (Added value partner) for their Drives range, the AVP program is a guarantee that the services a customer receives from an AVP are on the same leading level as the quality of the ABB products, both globally and locally. Once authorised as an AVP, our partners have in-depth knowledge of local markets and are conversant with the defined ABB products and processes.

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ABB - Motion Support

We service all support enquiries for ABB for their customers with motion control application support issues. This sees us dealing with a range of technical and support issues that are dealt with remotely and on-site where necessary.

If you have a Motion Support enquiry please visit the ABB Motion Support section of our site here.

Moog Inc - Moog Authorised Distributor (UK)

We have a longstanding good relationship with Moog and are able to provide a number of ultra-high quality parts from Moog's Industrial offering. SmartMotors and Slip rings are popular products in many fields, Moog's extra attention to detail is particularly apparent in biomedical, scientific and research applications. Moog products are used in space, defense, aerospace and scientific engineering around the world and have a reputation for being the best quality. We are the sole UK distributor for Moog Industrial.

View some of the most popular Moog products here.

Moog Animatics - Moog SmartMotor Expert

A longstanding product area of interest to us is the SmartMotor; it's uses and applications are many. The SmartMotor is much more than a motor it is a complete motion control system and the result of an innovative design philosophy. The unsurpassed programming ease, networking capability, highly flexible and expandable I/O, and high power density servo performance has made it a unique product for us that has 'solved' many motion control and automation problems for us for many years.

View some of the most popular SmartMotor products here.

SMC - Platinum Integrator Partner

SMC are a market leader in industrial markets and are well known for pneumatic products. They also have applied this technology to the electric powered actuation market with a huge range of high quality automation products, SMC's electric actuation portfolio is our main interest, as they provide us with a number of dynamic actuation ranges that cover a multitude of size and force scenarios.

View some of the most popular SMC Electric Actuators.

Trio Motion - Integrator Distributor

Trio Motion provide a number of motion controllers that suit simple and complex mulit axis motion control. Our relationship with Trio Motion ensures that we have the very latest information and training on their product ranges and are able to help you integrate a Trio product into your automation systems. We regularly use Trio Motion products in our engineered machine solutions.

View some of the most popular Trio products here.

VMA / Miki Pulley - UK Distributor

VMA provide a superlative range of quality axial couplings that have a wide spectrum of charateristics that are useful in various servo-motor motion control / gearbox scenarios, we are able to order components directly for customers wishing to purchase from a UK based business, product ranges are not limited to couplings, there aremany products available from VMA / Miki Pulley.

View some of the most popular VMA Miki Pulley products here.

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